Splint all major extremity injuries
Proudly used by tactical and civilian medical responders in combat casualty care, mass casualty incident,
and remote rescue operations.
Estonian Defence Forces
Estonian Defence League
Rescue College


Splint all major extremity injury patterns, including long bone fractures: palm, wrist, lower arm, elbow, upper arm, ankle, lower leg, knee, upper leg.


Rigidly foldable splint modules provide unmatched structural strength and offer complete immobilisation to minimise the risk of secondary injury.


Modular design allows to fold the splint kit into compact flat pack, roughly the size of a tablet. It's easy to store and lightweight to carry.


SHEETSPLINT was founded by Rait Arro (Sgt. Res., Combat Paramedic, TCCC Instructor).

While deployed on field training exercises Rait was frustrated that lightweight splints didn’t provide effective immobilisation to long bone fractures, often causing secondary injuries to the casualty.

Rait developed the idea with co-founder Mihkel Masso, an industrial designer, taking cue from origami paper folding practices to create a lightweight and compact, yet a very robust splint, which can be used to immobilise all major extremity injuries.

SHEETSPLINT is designed, manufactured and inspected for quality in Estonia, Europe.